Blue and Black SwirlTwist Pen

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Slimeline shape Teal Marble twist pen.  Free Priority Shipping in the US

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Slimline Pens are our top selling pen and pencils. Their sleek, refined design makes them an exceptionally popular gift that never goes out of style. We recommend Slimline Pen and pencils for everyone. Lifetime guarantee on our 24 kt gold finish.
• The slimline pens have a locking refill mechanism that uses Cross style refills.
• Pencils have trouble-free .7mm lead mechanism.
Slimeline Blue and black Marble Pen

Sleek shape, design makes this pen a particularly popular gift; never goes out of style.  The blue/black pen is made of arcylic, black finishes, pen turned down, buffed, sanded many times and process is repeated; final step is placing four layers of silicon finish to make this pen a georgous pen.  Trouble free, easy on the budget and comes with a Cross refill in black ink.

Included in the price:  1 Cross Refill black and free priority shipping

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